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Our founder, Hanna has learned about fashion materials after working in the textile industry for ten years, with the inspiration from natural materials and the beauty of traditional products and her desire is to support local businesses and women in Vietnam, in 2019 she created GREEN CAT.  

Hanna believe that creating asustainable future is not something anycompany can do alone. So she createdpartnership all along the supply chain. 

Hanna move to France in 2021 and with the inspiration of helping to change the fashion industrial for the better, focusing on recycling wastes, and sharing her passion on textile materials and empowering women in the workplace, she decided to venture on her own by creating GREEN CAT BY HANNA in Europe.


Our passion for raw and ecological materials is a major source of inspiration for our creations.Our main materials use for our products are organic linen and linen and natural hemp. Other materials are include Portugese cork, organic cotton, recycled and up cycled materials and high quality dead stock fabrics. We only work with traders and producers who share our positive vision for people and planet. 

Over 80% of the accessories are made out of organic fibers such as: organic cotton, linen and hemp. One of our favorites is the Hmong hemp, a very unique material and this fabric is very resistant. it is a great material for creating sustainable and eco-friendly products.


Green Cat is not just to create awareness about a sustainable future but also design products by using eco- friend materials and up cycled fabrics. Each piece is carefully handmade by multiple pieces of leftover fabrics make them a unique style.


Green Cat also promote natural textiles and traditional hand woven fabrics of minority groups in Asia.Green Cat has close partnership with local artisans who are keeping the traditional hemp and organic cotton weaving alive. 

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